CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets – We all want the best for our furry friends, which is why so many people use CBD for pets. Notably, many report that CBD helps their pets move around easier, sleep better, calm down quicker, and live overall happier lives. In fact, that’s why we created Get ‘Em JosieBear – because we’ve seen how CBD benefits pets after giving it to our very own lab retriever, Josie Bear.

Why CBD for Pets

Like all mammals, your pets have an Endocannabinoid System which helps process stress and maintains homeostasis (balance) within the body. This intricate system of cannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes helps pets (and people) maintain equilibrium by regulating cellular communication during stress or injury.

Usually, enzymes trigger bodies to produce cannabinoids on-demand (endocannabinoids) when the body experiences stress, such as physical or mental injury. However, the EC System does not always function at top capacity, especially after prolonged stress like persistent pain and worry. When this happens, pets may benefit by adding plant-based cannabinoids like those that develop in hemp to their diets.

Hemp Cannabinoids and Your Pet’s Health

Scientists have discovered more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis plants, many of which exert exciting potential. The following are the most common hemp cannabinoids which we proudly feature in our premium CBD for pets products.


CBD or cannabidiol is the most prominent cannabinoid in hemp. It is a non-psychoactive chemical that partially blocks cannabinoid receptors to help control which information enters and passes between cells throughout the body. In doing, CBD might help fight pain and inflammation, reduce stress, build strong bones, and promote more restful sleep.


CBG or Cannabigerol is a precursor cannabinoid that is most common in underdeveloped hemp plants. However, some breeders produce special CBG hemp varieties by selecting cultivars with a disruption along the biosynthetic pathway. The resulting hemp strains are exceptionally high in CBG, which may help reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and protect the brain.


Cannabichromene or CBD is another non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may reduce inflammation and help stimulate brain cell development. It also displays potential anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties according to some studies.

Hemp and Your Pet’s Health

Hemp’s definition is simple cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive chemical that distinguishes hemp-type cannabis from marijuana-type cannabis. As such, CBD from hemp will not cause pets to feel “high,” which is especially important given their more thorough metabolism process. CBD that comes from marijuana, on the other hand, could result in intoxication, which can be dangerous to pets.

Final Thoughts About CBD for Pets

Get ‘Em JosieBear is proud to offer CBD for Pets. Our unique formulas combine all of the most essential plant elements to bring out the very best in your pet. We’re confident in our products because we watch them work every day in our very own pet family.

Order now or contact us to learn more about Get ‘Em JosieBear products. You can also follow us on Facebook for company updates and, of course, to brag about your pet pals.



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