About Get Em Josiebear Treats Holistic Mushroom and CBD Pet Products

Get EM JosieBear Treats founder, Jeffrey Johnston, first discovered CBD when researching ways to relieve joint pain in dogs. His dear companion, Josie Bear, developed arthritis and hip dysplasia, rendering her nearly immobile at times. Johnston could not bear to watch his friend suffer and began researching natural ways to relieve inflammation. CBD was a common suggestion, prompting Johnston to offer it to Josie Bear.

Johnston soon began Josie Bear on a daily regimen of homemade CBD oil and quickly noticed positive results. Prompted by a cat just outside her window, Josie Bear left from the couch in an exuberant manner, thus suggesting an improvement in pain.

Taking this into account, Johnston began perfecting his CBD pet treat formula. Using only the best plant and fuctional mushroom-based ingredients, Johnston developed these tasty CBD treats that his furry friend absolutely adores – and yours will, too!

Why CBD for Pets?

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that consists of a series of endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes that help them break down and penetrate cell walls.

Healthy bodies produce endocannabinoids on demand to help maintain balance within the body. These naturally occurring cannabinoids help control things like mood, pain perception, inflammation, appetite, and more. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always produce enough endocannabinoids or metabolize them properly. If this happens, animals (including dogs, cats, and even people) may become more prone to pain and mood disturbances.

However, research suggests that phytocannabinoids like those extracted from hemp may help correct these discrepancies for improved overall health. Moreover, full-spectrum hemp extract, or hemp extract that contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, may offer additional therapeutic benefits through a mechanism called the Entourage Effect. Essentially, the Entourage Effect suggests that combining therapeutic elements may produce compounded benefits as these different elements work together.

Indeed, combining a myriad of potentially therapeutic elements if the backbone of Josiebear CBD pet treats. Our CBD pet products contain full-spectrum CBD hemp oil to help amplify its therapeutic potential. What’s more, we also include other healthy ingredients like pumpkin puree, turmeric, cinnamon, glucosamine, and special fungal extracts. This select combination of beneficial ingredients helps promote better health and longevity from the inside out.

Notably, some suggest that CBD may help pets in the following ways:

More About Get Em Josie Bear Treats

Get Em Josie Bear Treats CBD pet treats are carefully formulated biscuits and tinctures designed to bring out the very best in your pets’ health. We’ve consulted some of Denver’s top veterinary professionals to develop flavorful, healthy CBD pet treats that both nourish the body and please the tastebuds.

We stand proudly by our formula, having witnessed its evolution and amazing impact on our muse, a 17– year-old lab who lived a pain and cancer free life when she crossed.

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Final Thoughts About Get Em Josie Bear CBD Pet Treats

Get EM Josie Bear Treats is proud to offer healthy, tasty CBD pet treats for dogs, cats, and horses. We use only the best ingredients, including an array of plant- and fungus-based components and full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. Our customers rave about our CBD pet treats, explaining the great joy their pets express when given these tasty biscuits or tinctures.

But perhaps the most important thing our customers share regarding our all-natural CBD treats for pets is the noticeable improvement in their pets’ demeanor. We are so proud of our pet treats and can wait to share them with you, too.

Contact us at jeffrey@josiebertreats.com to learn more or shop our selection of CBD products now. You can also follow us on Facebook for company news and product updates.