Get ‘Em JosieBear

Get Em Josie Bear Treats is excited to announce our all-new website and storefront. The site will feature the same premium, homemade CBD pet treats, and tinctures, plus a wealth of information and community engagement opportunities.

What’s more, we’re proud to announce the launch of our all-new CBD for humans product line. The shop will include homemade cannabinoid-rich tinctures, salves, bath bombs, and more, all formulated with the same thought and compassion that went into our original CBD dog treats recipe. Notably, we’ve chosen these new products based on public demand and will continue to build out our offerings as the website expands.

Establishing Our Foundation

Get EM Josie Bear Treats started as a simple project to create the best CBD pet treats for our brand’s namesake, a beautiful lab mix named Josie. Desperate to relieve her joint pain and discomforts, Founder Jeffrey Johnston consulted with countless veterinarians and hemp experts to create a nutrient-packed, health-boosting pet treat that Josie absolutely loved. Better yet, her health visibly improved, too!

Jeffrey Johnston took this as his sign to create his own CBD pet product line, which he later named Get ‘Em JosieBear after his beloved pet Josie. The treats were a major success, as were the homemade CBD tinctures he sold alongside them. With product interest picking up, Johnston realized that his premium pet products were only the beginning.

 What’s In Store

As mentioned, our product line is expanding to include CBD for humans. Included in our product line are CBD, CBG, and CBN-specific tinctures, plus an array of fragrant, therapeutically beneficial topical salves.

Notably, we’ve formulated each product to ensure optimal potency and effects. All ingredients are carefully selected from certified organic sources, including our premium Colorado-grown CBD hemp flower. Moreover, each product boasts superior potency to facilitate thorough absorption into the blood.

Finally, we’ve tested all our products for purity and effectiveness and we’re always happy with the results. Products are fragrant, flavorful, and oh-so effective. We absolutely love our extensive CBD product line and we can’t wait to share it with you, too.

Following Our Future

Get EM Josie Bear Treats has grown faster than we could ever imagine. For example, major distributors now stock us in their stores and boutique pet companies supplement their product line with our CBD products. Partially due to the selection and partially due to the premium mushroom/CBD blend, our pet products – and soon our human products – have become a favorite among CBD consumers everywhere.

To help keep up with demand, we’ve developed an all-new website and product line. Soon, we will also offer wholesale and subscription options, too. Importantly, we will continue to build a CBD store that everyone loves, beginning with our all-new website and human CBD product line.

Also, follow us on Facebook for news and business updates, and of course, awesome pet pictures. Don’t forget to join in on the discussions. After all, you’re a part of the Get EM Josie Bear Teats community, too.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay